Dear all friends,

I would like to take a moment to let you
know that I am leaving XXX(公司名) and tomorrow will be my last working
day. The past four years have been the most remarkable and rewarding
time in my working career. The privilege to work with you is a gift
that I will always treasure and one which I never took lightly. And
your support in believing in me and what we could accomplish together
will never be forgotten. Thank you all for the support, guidance and
encouragement you have provided me in the past. Thank you all for
enriching my life and for letting me be a part of this wonderful
family. Please keep in touch. I can be reached at my personal email
address or via my mobile phone +86 1350XXXXXXX.

Thanks again for everything.

Yours truly,


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Dear All:
Now it is time for me to say Bye to everyone of you for being co-working in the last more than two years.
I’d express my sincere thanks to you for the demonstration of team work
spirit , and your professional technical/ Management skill and
experience really impressed me deeply.

Once you plunging into a
new job, that means a new change will happen in your life. Surely, I
think it ‘s a totally new life-style for me to work in XXX(公司名), there
have abounds of definite difference compared with my originals, I am
still astonished these changes in my personal life happened in this two
years. Maybe these will still keep a marked sign in my future life.

Good Luck…

Yours forever
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Hi, Dear all,

As time goes by, finally the day for my leaving FCBGA is coming, I will transfer to CPU IE group from ww49.
it’s really a hard time for me to say goodbye to you all. Looking back
to past 1 year, those happiness, sadness, great team work do impress me
a lot, from you I have learned a lot and gained a lot, really
appreciated ur help and support to me during that period we have worked
Here I’d like to extend my hearlt-felt thanks to you for giving me such a sweat memory that will be in my mind forever.

Anyway, we are still in the same company, if you need any help from me, just give me a call, I’ll always be there for you.
Hope we could have chance to cooperate again in the future!
Wish all of you and FCBGA a bright future!

See you later! *^_^*

Best Regards

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