low key 低调
I’ve been back and forth.我犹豫不定。<br />
squeezed juice 鲜榨的果汁<br />
juice with pulp 带果肉的果汁
side effect 副作用<br />
he can’t come to the phone now.他现在不能接电话
herbal tea 花草茶<br />
ready for a refill?我再给你倒一杯吧?</p>

i love what u have done with this place.我喜欢这里的布置。<br />
what was tonight?今晚本来要做什么?
i can’t feel my hands.我手麻了。<br />
have an affiar 外遇
will anyone miss me if i weren’t here?我在不在这里有什么区别吗?<br />
i saw a lot of stuff.我大开眼界了、<br />
call security 通知警卫
dog walker 遛狗的人
does sth. mean squat to u?对你来说sth狗屁不是吗?
what’s up with the greedy?怎么这么贪啊?<br />
work an extra shift 多轮一班<br />
go on, i dare u!有种你就去!
u r a freak!你这个变态!
i sensed it was u.我感觉到是你了、<br />
i apologize on behalf of him.我替他道歉。<br />
why are u changing the subject?为什么要转移话题?<br />
this is so meant to be!这就是天意!
there’s no need to place blame.没有指责的必要。<br />
curling iron 卷发机<br />
it’s gonna leave a stain。这要留印子的。<br />
i have part of the fault.我也有责任。<br />
distract her with a doll 拿娃娃哄她开心<br />
they are all well received 收到的反响都很好
talk u up 说你的好话<br />
stand firm to 努力坚持
i was just leering 我只是用余光看看
organize my thoughts 整理思绪
get a little preoccupied 事先有事
no way to recover 没有掩饰的机会了
bouncy 活泼
intern 实习生<br />
drug dealer 毒贩子</p>


admire your candor你还真胆大</p>

we are rolling摄像机正在拍摄<br />
go through this stack 看看这一叠<br />
r u spying on me?你监视我?
just messing with u!跟你开玩笑呢!
enough is enough!闹够了
flyers 寻人(物)海报<br />
it’s insensitive of me。我这么做很伤人
u don’t have to be brag。拽什么啊?<br />
nod along 跟着点头
a totally separate subject 完全题外话<br />
i thought it was the other way around 我以为是反过来的
close my account 注销银行卡<br />
cuff him 把他铐起来<br />
Woody,tingly 痒</p>

creep me out 雷死我了
no peeking不要偷看啊<br />
sneakbite kit毒蛇解药
i feel wild today 我今天好亢奋!</p>

I’m kind of beat 我有点累了<br />
my ears r ringing so bad.我耳鸣得厉害。<br />
can u get the door?你能去开门吗
make a huge fool of myself 出了洋相

r u mocking me?你嘲笑我?<br />
hatrack 草包
sth.is beyond crap 那是扯淡
any luck?找到了吗?</p>

don’t u rush me.别催我!
it doesn’t count.那不算。</p>

she’s gonna be crushed.她会崩溃的。<br />
she’s healed.她好了。(病或者伤害)
goose bumps 鸡皮疙瘩
overreact 反应过度
patch things up with sb.和某人修复关系</p>

pierce my ears 打耳洞
corss that off my list 从单子上划掉
how did it go?怎么样?
present an award 颁奖

natural charisma 天生丽质
cut him some slack 放他一马<br />
get over with 忘记
get in line排队(everybody get in line)大家排好队</p>

i don’t have the energy for this我没有能力应付这个<br />
u got me.你还真问住我了</p>

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