The best media file handle is Embedded Media Field module

The problem: one needs to modify:
to play mp3.

Sample site:

How to use jQuery Media module to play flv and mp3 files?

Another module is jQuery Media module

1. Install modules
jQuery Media module
jQ module

2. Install player
flv (mp3) player:
Download the player something like:
You only need one file: mediaplayer.swf
copy that file to your drupal directory, http://localhost/drupal/files/mediaplayer.swf

3. configure

Select “Auto-invoke Media class”

setting player
flve player:

mp3 player:

Default settings
Media Width: 320
Media Height: 240

4. create a page use link (a class=”media” href=)

&lt;a class="media" href="http://localhost/files/flvfiles.flv"&gt;Movie Files&lt;/a&gt;<br /><br />&lt;a class="media" href="http://localhost/files/mp3files.mp3"&gt; MP3 Files&lt;/a&gt;

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