This is an Auto-Response for the (very) common question regarding Indexation Times.
This is an attempt to compile information for questions/issues such as;

Q: How long does it take to get Indexed.
Q: How long does Google take to Index a site.
Q: How fast does Google Index a site.
Q: Still not Indexed.
Q: How long does it take to get Crawled.
Q: How long does Google take to Crawl a site.
Q: How fast does Google Crawl a site.
Q: Still not Crawled

=============   How long to get indexed   =================

There is No set time in for Google to initially index your site – the time taken can vary.
The time it does take may vary based upon factors such as;

   * Popularity of the site (Whether it has any links to it)

   * Whether the content is Crawl-able (Server Responses and Content type)

   * Site structure (how pages interlink)

It is possible for a site to be crawled/indexed within 4 days to 4 weeks.
In some cases, it may take longer.

## Things to do to check/ensure that things are “optimal” for crawling/indexing ##

   * Check Server responses
     Pages should return 200/OK responses.
     Use tools like  to check the response.

   * Have actual “content”
     This means having content that bots/spiders can “see” and understand (text!).
If you are using purely Images, solely Flash or loading content up via
JavaScript – then you are likely to encounter problems.
     Remember – bots like to “read” – so ensure that you have “text” for them to read!

   * Use “normal” links
     Normal  links are things such as    <a href=”some_URL” title=”optional”> Some Link Text </a>
Using JavaScript based events (no href value, instead using or
using select list elements with functions etc.) may result in
the bots not following!

   * Submit the site
     NO – Verification is NOT the same as Submitting.
     To submit your site – use the URL Submittal tool

   * Be discovered
     If at all possible, have a few links to the site from other sites.
     These links should be from related/topical/relevant sites.
     These links should be from quality/trusted/popular/

reliable sites.
     Links do seem to help – but do NOT go overboard – it only needs 1 link that is “normal” (can be seen/followed by bots).

   * Verify your site
     Sign up for a Google Webmaster Tools account.
     This does NOT mean the same as Submitting your URL!
     This MAY NOT improve the chances of getting crawled/indexed.
     This can help in discovering/locating/understanding problems as/when/if they occur.

   * Provide a Sitemap
     This is completely Optional!
     Sitemaps do NOT guarantee getting Crawled/Indexed.
     Sitemaps MAY NOT increase your chances of getting crawled/indexed, nor improve the speed/rate.

## Common Problems/Causes for initial Crawling/Indexing ##

   * Poor Server responses…
       – The server sending Bad Responses (404/410/500 etc.),
       – The server being Slow/Timing out (taking ages to acknowledge/reply to the server request),
       –  Having Excessive Redirect Strings (Redirect from URL A to B, to C, to D etc.),
       –  Using non-standard Redirects (JavaScript etc.),
     …may result in the initial crawl getting stuffed.
   * DomainNameServer responses…
     …that fail to resolve or that have major issues can cause problems.

   * Really shoddy code/markup…
     …such as seriously malformed <head></head> sections etc. can cause problems.

   * robots.txt …
       – being malformed,
       – being incorrectly setup,
       – not returning a proper response code,
     …can cause crawling issues
   * robots meta …
…people may have unwittingly blocked bots, included
multiple/additional robots tags and unknowingly be denying bots to
ability index/follow pages.

## Additional ##

Please, before deciding that your site is Not Indexed

1) Be aware that information/data in the Google WebMaster Tools (GWT/GWMT) may not be “accurate”.
    (It is known to be out of date / out of synch in many cases)

2) To check for your site in the Search Engine Results,
a) please use the Site: operator  =  in Google search, in teh search
box, type in    site:www.yourdomain.tld   or   site:yourdomain.tld)
    b) try doing a search for the <title> of a given page using quotes around it (  “your pages title”  )
c) try doing a search for a snippet of “unique” content using quotes ( 
“just copy and paste a short sentence of so from one of your pages”  )

If requesting help/assistance/information regarding your site and
getting crawled/indexed – PLEASE supply relevant information.
Tell us when the site went live, whether you have actually Submitted the
site, whether it is Verified, whether you supplied a Sitemap, whether
you access to your Server Logs, whether you can see the GoogleBot
crawling your site and what response code it gives etc. etc. etc.


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