Premium WordPress FAQ Plugins
Question and Answers pluginWordPress FAQ Plugin – Tribulant’s premium WP FAQ plugin covers all the features you’ll find in most of the free WordPress FAQ plugins plus additional functionality that’s worth paying for. Features include notifications, FAQ search, question groups, an AJAX interface, user search form, automatic approval of questions, the ability to sort groups, captcha, user submitted FAQs, FAQ management, language translation, embedding FAQs in posts or pages, and much more. This premium WP FAQ plugin with cost you $19.99 for a single site license and $99.95 for the ability to install it in all the WordPress websites you own. The plugin comes with unlimited free support requests handled through a support ticketing system and free lifetime updates.

Free WordPress FAQ Plugins
FAQ-Tastic LiteFAQ-Tastic Lite – This is one of the best WordPress FAQ plugins ever developed. While the FAQ-Tastic Pro isn’t available any longer this version is free and it still offers lots of features. Such features include grouping questions, displaying questions and answers on different pages, the ability to automatically create FAQ pages, changing the order of questions, allowing visitors to submit their own FAQs, autoresponders for FAQ submissions by visitors, and FAQ ratings. While the plugin is more complex than the others, it is very well built and easy to use. To download the plugin you’ll have to register as a member using the link above.

FAQ Auto ResponderFAQ Auto Responder – This clever FAQ plugin is unlike any of the other frequently asked plugins we’ve come across. When a commenter enters a string of words that you’ve identified as being associated with an FAQ, it prevents the posting of that comment by displaying your answer to the commonly asked question. It’s particularly helpful for plugin developers who receive support requests for common errors via the WordPress comment form. Integrating this plugin with a contact form would be another great way to address any FAQs submitted through email.

Simple FAQSimple FAQ – Just as the name implies the is the most straight forward simple WordPress FAQ plugin available. After installing the plugin, navigate to the Plugins section of your WP amdin panel and click on the FAQ listing. This opens the Simple FAQ settings panel where you can create, edit, and delete frequently asked questions. Once you’ve created a list of FAQs, all you have left to do is create a page in WordPress and paste [display_faq] into it.

WP DS FAQWP DS FAQ – This is another simple WordPress FAQ plugin that allows the administrator to create, edit, and delete frequently asked questions. However, in addition, it allows you to create multiple FAQ lists and it offers the admin the ability to style the FAQs. After completing the installation of the plugin, the admin must open the WP DS FAQ settings page located under the main admin “Settings” for the WordPress site. There you may create multiple “FAQ books” which are essentially separate lists of FAQs. Once you’ve completed your FAQ, you need to create a WP page and paste the shortcode for the FAQ book you want to display.

iMasters WP FAQiMasters WP FAQ – A WordPress FAQ plugin that’s a bit more complicated than the others listed above. It permits the administrator to add categories to FAQ entries for quick filtering of questions in the admin panel. The admin also has the ability to display FAQ questions through collapsing javascript such that answers aren’t viewable until the visitor clicks on the each question. Like the other WP FAQ plugins, you must paste a shortcode into a page to display the list of FAQ questions.

FAQ BuilderFAQ Builder – A very elaborate WordPress FAQ plugin that not only allows the admin to create frequently asked questions but it offers the ability for visitors to submit their own. Users can submit their questions much like a comment where the admin can moderate and answer the FAQs. Other notable features include FAQ categories, the ability to search FAQs, and a captcha form to prevent spamming of your FAQ submissions. Currently this plugin is still in beta and appears to have many bugs according the WP forums so make sure you backup your database before installing it.

FAQ YouFAQ You – A top WordPress FAQ plugin that’s very much like the FAQ Builder plugin in that it offers the ability search FAQs, add categories, and receive FAQ submissions from visitors but it’s more simplified. The admin can specify an email address to receive FAQ submission notifications once the FAQ is submitted by the visitor. Afterward the admin can approve and answer the question.

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