Go over the <Forrest Gump> tonight. Deeply into the story, when Gump start his long running which last 3 years. I was very touched and feel it’s exactly the current status of my life: Getting afraid of going out the home and making new friends; don’t know what to do in my spare time; no dreams; not much interests except for football and music.

At least we should have two impulses in life: one is for the love regardless of all consequences, another is for the travel we can leave anytime. It’s getting more and more hard for me. Everytime it come into my mind, I always feel we are not only living for ourself, sometimes we live for our parents, sometimes for our lovers, and sometimes for our children. Maybe Gump can start his long running only because he has no family and no lovers since Jenny left him. But I do admire that he can has a travel whenever he wants, and start thinking about his life. What’s the really meaning of the life? Maybe some day in future, I will start a travel and think of my life, and I can really have something I can devote regardless of all consequences.


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